Spending time doing this project has made me realize the importance of practice. I never thought about forcing myself to do something on a regular basis or in a habit forming way to better myself. Laziness? Oh for sure. But that shit can’t fly forever. The idea behind my habit was geared towards the parts … Continue reading 12/10/14

Creative Habit:

My idea for this project is to document and detail my daily life. I don’t want to call my life boring, because it really isn’t, but I feel that I don’t do anything significant with it or with my time. So I want to make something more out of ‘going through the motions’. I read … Continue reading Creative Habit:

11/6/14 GNN Progress:

Whelp this week has been a blur, I’ve been sick and gross with cold and fever and wasn’t able to drag myself out of bed to go to our meetings. However, I’m pretty sure I wasn’t particularly needed. Our group is in full post-process swing and I know we should be considering it’s due next week. … Continue reading 11/6/14 GNN Progress:

10/30/14: GNN Progress

Hello there! The GNN crew is in the home stretch! As of this week we have wrapped shooting us anchors and I think we have pretty much everything else filmed. Except for maybe the larping bit, which I think is being filmed this weekend. Today, we are filming the documentary portion. We’re doing interviews with everyone … Continue reading 10/30/14: GNN Progress